The meeting of the musicians from „ERASE” band took place in the University of Music in Wroclaw in 2005. Seeking for common aesthetic and conceptive patterns bore fruit in arising of the duet: Michał Trela – drums and Gerard Lebik – saxophone. They realized that the idea of their music based on linear saxophone patterns and polyrhythm deriving from free jazz tradition can be expanded to achieve the completeness of the sound. Thus, the appearance of the third member of the band, double bass – Jakub Cywiński, raised on the modern classical music and infatuated with stable grooves joined with neo-bop walkings led to full crystallization of the assumptions of the „ERASE” which are bound up with the combination of the rhythmical layer and improvisation of the free jazz conception, along with the modern classical music conception of melody and form. ERASE co-operates with the trumpeter Piotr Damasiewicz.